For my whole life I’ve been asking myself one question:

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one feeling all of this? The only one so deeply in love with the world it breaks my heart, and so terrified of it at the same time? The only one trying to make sense of this universe? This day? The only one dreaming? The only one awake? Am I the only one wondering if I’m the only one?

I can’t tell you how much it means to me when I write a song so deeply personal it hurts, or when I paint my inner most dreams into a piece of art, or open myself and let my words fall recklessly out, to hear that you can find yourself in my creations… It means the world to me.

It means I’m not the only one.

I made this website so I could have one place to put my Music, my Art, and my Words. And to introduce my newest project, the one I’m the most excited about called Our Song.

I did all of this to find out. Am I the only one?

Or are you here too?

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Our Song

Can’t Imagine – Sandra and Brian’s Story

This Is Love – Barb and Don’s Anniversary Story

Good Good Heart – Todd and Samantha’s Story

You have a song. And I want to sing it for you.

I want to help you celebrate the life of your precious new baby with a lovingly composed song just for him or her. I want you to dance to your very own personalized love song on your wedding day. I want you to give that someone you can’t imagine your life without a gift song they’ll never forget. I want to honour the years of love you have shared with your sweetheart with an anniversary song. I want to tell the story of that person who meant the world to you in a song that will never die.

So tell me… What’s your story?



How does the Our Song process work?:

You message me about your story. If I think I can do your song justice I will write you back with a list of questions. And then magical things happen.

What does my Our Song package include?

~ A song written specifically for you.
~ Your song professionally recorded and produced acoustically in my home studio.
~A printed full lyric sheet.
~A personalized letter detailing the story behind your song inspiration.
~A USB drive with digital copies of everything.

Add on options include:

~Full song production including but not limited to drums, guitars, bass, keys, strings, harps and background vocals.
~Hand painted and framed lyric artwork.
~Sheet music for piano, including guitar tab.
~Professional and unique lyric video.

How much does Our Song cost?

Because each Our Song is tailor made the sky isn’t even the limit for what we can dream up. Our Song could be recorded acoustically, just guitar and vocals.Or just piano and vocals. Or it could be fully produced with drums, guitars, bass, keys, strings, harps and background vocal, for example. Maybe you want a beautiful lyric video made to accompany your Our Song. Maybe you want sheet music so you can play your Our Song on guitar or piano. There are no rules, only dreams that we can make reality. Contact me with your ideas and we can go from there.

Is Our Song a co-write?

Each song is customized to your individual story and is written specifically for you. But it is not a co-write. The questions I ask you will pertain to your personal story, but I will write the song for you. I retain all ownership of the song including but not limited to publishing, intellectual property, and master recording. Your song might even end up on my next album or your favourite TV show.

How long does the process take?

It usually takes me about two or three weeks to write, record, and have your song ready to send to you. I currently have a waiting list and am taking bookings about three months in advance. But let me know if you have an impending deadline and I’ll see what I can do.

Will you perform my Our Song at my wedding/party/event?

I would love to be a part of your event! It all depends on location and timing. But we can talk about it…

I would love to have my song written! Now what?

Head on over to my contact page and tell me your story!

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Stuff you should know:

I am a singer and a songwriter. I have written lots of songs. (I have lost track…)  A few have made it onto my albums, The Cricket’s Orchestra (2009), It Snowed (2011) and Have A Heart (2014). In 2011 I won some awards (currently blushing while I talk about this) including a Juno for best new artist and some ECMAs for best Pop Recording. In 2015 I won an ECMA for best Video Of The Year for my song Have A Heart. Awards are cool… but they’re not why I make music.

I make music to connect. Music connects me to myself. It also connects me to you. I think it connects us all.

I have written so many songs for myself. I want to write your song now!

Stuff you might want to know:

I am married to (and head over heels for) my producer and bandmate (he’s a wicked guitar/key player), Jason Mingo. I affectionately refer to him as my HusBand. 🙂 *ba-dum-tshh* We write, produce, and record songs in our home studio.

I write songs on my guitar and sometimes the ukulele and sometimes the piano.

I’ve had songs featured on major network TV shows like Gray’s Anatomy, Brothers And Sisters, One Tree Hill, The Astronaut Wives Club, and Working The Engels. My songs have also been featured in commercials for LCBO and Facebook.

My song Mirror was a semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

I’ve toured North America and parts of the UK and have shared the stage with legends such as Sarah McLachlan, k.d. lang, Ron Sexmith.

I am not touring for the time being… Or maybe forever? Touring is really hard for me. I have two heart-stealing baby boys and I want them to have a beautiful life playing by the river, building forts in the forest, swimming in the ocean, and getting tucked into their own little cozy beds at night. Touring is awesome, but it’s airports and hotels and trains and vans and busses and while it’s incredible to go to new places and be on the road, it’s not for me and my family at this stage in our life.

Stuff you really don’t need to know. But anyway…:

I don’t read music. I feel it. I make it. I sing it. But I can’t read it. I have dyslexia that makes seeing tiny black notes on tiny black lines just look like little black bits of spaghetti and meatballs on paper.

One time I wrote a book about making my album, Have A Heart.

I do a lot of paintings.

I am inspired by inspiring things. Like emotions and relationships and people.

I feel the happiest when I’m with my family. I’m also the happiest when I’m singing a song that I know means something. Walking through the woods or finding seashell treasures by the ocean also makes me pretty happy. Doesn’t take much.

If I won the lottery and had like, fifty million dollars, I would still be doing what I’m doing. Making music and painting. Life is good.

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Our Songs

My newest project, Our Songs, is taking off. New Our Songs will be released the first Friday of every month. You can find them here. Scroll down for my previous releases.


Can’t Imagine Lyric Video

Buy Can’t Imagine



This Is Love Lyric Video

Buy This Is Love


Good Good Heart Lyric Video

Buy Good Good Heart


Previous Releases

The Cricket’s Orchestra (2009)

Buy The Cricket’s Orchestra


It Snowed (2011)

Buy It Snowed


Have A Heart (2014)

Buy Have A Heart




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The Miniature Art Show is an ongoing art show I have been creating for the past six years. Painting has always been an escape for me. The world spins by when I paint, and I live in my head with these imagined creatures. I paint what I wish was real.

Come see.

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You have a song. And I want to sing it for you.

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