Stuff you should know about me:

I am a singer / songwriter. I have written hundreds of songs. Some have made it onto my albums, The Cricket’s Orchestra (2009 released by WBM), It Snowed (2011 WBM) and Have A Heart (2014 WBM).

I’ve won a few awards including a Juno for best new artist and some ECMAs for best Pop Recording. My album, The Cricket’s Orchestra, was nominated for the prestigious Polaris Prize. One of my songs, Mirror, was a semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

I have written so many songs for myself. I can write one for you if you’d like.

Stuff you might want to know:

I am married to, and head over heels for, my producer and bandmate, Jason Mingo. I like to refer to him as my HusBand. 😂 We write, produce, and record in our home studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I write songs on my guitar and sometimes the ukulele and sometimes the piano.

I’ve had songs featured on major network TV shows like Gray’s Anatomy, Brothers And Sisters, One Tree Hill, The Astronaut Wives Club, Jimmy Fallon, Emily in Paris, Queer Eye, as well as many others. My songs have also been featured in commercials for LCBO, Facebook, and Ralph Lauren.

I’ve toured North America and parts of the UK, sharing the stage with legends such as Sarah McLachlan, k.d. lang, Ron Sexmith, Jools Holland, Tracy Chapman, and Chantal Kreviazuk.

I am no longer touring. I have two heart-stealing little boys and I want them to have a beautiful life spending their days playing by rivers, climbing trees, swimming in the ocean, and getting tucked into their own cozy beds at night. Touring is awesome, but it’s a lot of airports and hotels, vans and busses. While travelling can be a fun adventure, it’s not for us right now.

Stuff you really don’t need to know. But anyway…:

I don’t read music. I feel it. I make it. But I can’t read it. I have dyslexia which makes seeing tiny black notes on tiny black lines just look like bits of spaghetti and meatballs on paper.

One time I wrote a book about making my album, Have A Heart.

I do a lot of paintings. Especially little tiny ones of strange animals and characters.

I have a stationery business. I’ve always loved snail mail and would recommend it for every occasion possible.

If I won the lottery and had fifty million dollars I would still be doing what I’m doing. Making music and art.

I am inspired by inspiring things like strong emotions, and authentic relationships and people.